Erin Campagna, high school senior and dancer at FBCW Dance for His Glory in Woodstock, GA, was awarded a KSU Dance Intensive Scholarship from the College of the Arts at Kennesaw State University for the 2015-16 academic year in the amount of $1,000.  Erin was one of 58 dancers who attended KSU’s 2014 Summer Dance Intensive in June, and out of the 58 dancers, she was one of only 13 dancers awarded a scholarship.  Receiving this scholarship was an incredible honor for Erin and she was very excited to have been singled out from among such talented dancers from all over Georgia.  She is very thankful to Dr. Ivan Pulinkala and the KSU Dance Intensive instructors for awarding her this scholarship.

Erin has been dancing for almost 10 year at FBCW Dance for His Glory and has been on Company for 7 of those 10 years. Without a doubt, Erin can say that the dance training she has received at Dance For His Glory has been amazing and the personal attention from her instructors has helped to shape her into the dancer she is today.  Even though she is on Company, the balanced dance class schedule at Dance For His Glory has allowed her time to maintain her grades while being dual-enrolled in college, be a leader in her church youth group and still actively pursue her dreams of a career in dance.   “I really feel I have had the best of both worlds – pursuing my love of dance and still having a life”, shared Erin.  She can’t thank her teachers at FBCW Dance For His Glory enough for encouraging her to push herself and to always give her dancing 110%.  The dance training and performance opportunities she has had through Dance For His Glory, ranging from small gatherings to audiences of close to seven thousand, has prepared her to perform in any setting small or large.  Erin is sad this is her last year to dance at FBCW Dance For His Glory, but she looks forward to college where she plans to major in dance.  She is not sure exactly which college, but KSU is one of the schools she is considering.   



I just wanted to share with you ladies a word of encouragement. I am the father of Virginia and have been at many of your dance recitals through the years. I was so impressed with this years gospel presentation. Having the dancers share was by far the most engaging and affective way this has ever been done. As a pastor I understand that it is not always easy to include the gospel into a program in a way that is natural and heartfelt, and not like something that was jus tacked on. The young ladies did am amazing job in sharing in a way that was clear, inspiring and relevant to the overall program.

The girls themselves should be congratulated as well. I am sorry that I do not remember all of their names, but the first young lady has such passion and energy, the second young lady was so well spoken and intentional, and the final young lady was very brave to share of her personal and family struggles so that the gospel and Christ could be exalted.

Thank you for what you do each year to invest into my daughter, and thank you for the gospel presentation at this years recital. I look forward to many more years of our family being involved in your ministry.

Dr. Jay Worthington
Executive Pastor
Noonday Baptist Church

Mrs. Elaine & Mrs.Tina,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for offering a dance program in a Christian environment. My girls have been in dance with you since they were 4 years old and we would never go anywhere else. I grew up taking dance classes in a secular dance school that picked out very inappropriate music & immodest dance costumes for the recitals. So, as a parent raising my girls to be modest & to honor Christ in all they do, I am sincerely grateful to have the opportunity to enroll them in a dance class where they can do just that. I love the modesty of the outfits, the worship music, & especially the small Bible lessons that are shared with them each week. I love that Christ is always the focus. I think it is such a great ministry to those children (& their families) who aren't regularly going to church or studying the Bible in their homes, or those who just come here because it's affordable. You are making Jesus available to everyone who comes into those rooms each week & I think what you are doing is more important than most people realize. It's just really a great thing!

Every dance performance I come to see brings me to tears. The dancing (with the music) as worship to our Lord is so moving & meaningful to me. I feel like that is what it will be like to dance before the Lord in Heaven one day.  I know others feel the same way. It's a beautiful experience and you all do a wonderful job. I really loved seeing last year's recital in the Worship Center, too. That was so much better than the chapel. It was so much easier to find a good seat & the setting made a big difference for me. I hope you will continue to hold the recitals there.  

Thank you again for providing a modest, Christ-centered environment for the girls, and for all the hard work you all put into the dancers each year. You are truly appreciated by this mom & I know by others, too. If it weren't for Dance For His Glory, my girls would probably not be in dance classes. I would not want them to be exposed to some of the secular music, dance moves, & costumes that are required by the majority of secular dance schools.

Thanks again & I pray you are blessed beyond measure for honoring the Lord through your ministry.

Jennifer F.