Before Class @woodstock

• arrive early
• visit restroom before class
• is dancer dressed for class? hair in a bun?
• no gum, food, or drinks in dance rooms
• wait for Teacher to invite students into dance room
• watch class from Parent Viewing Room
• keep dancer's siblings with you at all times
 Class Structure @woodstock

The curriculum is set for each individual grade and class level and is taught by godly, qualified Instructors.  Since all Instructors and the make up of classes are different, the actual structure of each classes will differ. Although the Instructors teach the same technique/curriculum, they as individuals have been blessed with their own unique teaching styles. All of our Instructors are qualified to teach in secular studios, but they desire to work in a Christian environment and teach children of God’s love and encourage them to grow spiritually, as well as in their ability to dance.

At times, the Instructors may invite parents, siblings or friends to be an audience for a portion of the class.  Unless invited into the classroom, please remain in the Parent Viewing Room or in the B210 Hallway. Please be aware that the Instructors have a tight schedule, with only a couple of minutes between classes to prepare for their next class.  If you have any dance related questions, please check the bulletin board in the B220 hallway outside room B220 or email
 2017-18 Tuition

Monthly tuition includes lessons and recital pictures in costume.

30 minute class                        $25.00

45 minute class                        $30.00

1 hour class                              $35.00

1 1/2 hour class                        $40.00

45 minute class                        $20.00
(Adult class)

1 hour class                             $25.00
(extra DMC ballet class,
Adult class)

1 1/2 hour class                       $30.00
(extra DMC ballet class,
DMC rehearsal)

Registration Fee                      $20.00
(non refundable)

Late Registration Fee              $50.00
(non refundable)

Paying with Cash or by Check? 
            • Checks payable to Dance for His Glory 
            • Use Tuition Envelope, fill out front of envelope completely
            • Place in D4HG drop box located in B220 hallway

Paying with Online Banking Bill-pay?
             • Set up Dance for His Glory on your banks bill pay website
             • Dance for His Glory mailing address:
                             PO BOX 680641 
                             Marietta, GA 30068

Paying from Family Portal with Auto-pay?
                        • login to family portal on home page of D4HG website
                        • Go to "my account"
                        • Click on "e-payment schedule"
                        • Click on "1st of the month"

August Tuition is due the first class in August.

Credit card on file will be charged if tuition is not received by the 10th and $10 late fee will be applied. 

(May 2018 prepayment is nonrefundable after August 31st.)
Dresscode and  Required Dancewear 

Creative Movement
Black skirted tank leotard
Pink tights
Pink Ballet shoes

3yr-1st grade Ballet/Tap 
Black skirted tank leotard
Pink tights
Pink Ballet shoes
Black buckle Tap shoes

5-7 year Ballet/Tumbling
Black skirted tank leotard
OR Black tank leotard and
Black skirt
Pink transition tights
​Pink Ballet shoes

7yr and up Ballet
Black tank leotard
Black skirt
Pink transition tights
Pink spilt sole Ballet shoes

7yr and up Tap/Jazz
Black tank leotard
Black jazz pants or jazz shorts
(Black dance skirt for 7-8 yrs.)
Pink transition tights
Black slip on Jazz shoes
Black Oxford style Tap shoes

7yr and up Hip Hop
Black tank leotard
Black jazz pants or jazz short
Light Suntan Transition Tights (if also taking ballet pink tights are acceptable)
Black Canvas HipHop Sneaker

Purchase Dresscode Requirements
Click Here

Costume and Recital Fee
@woodstock @CCS
This fee will be due 1/2 in September and 1/2 in October and no costume will be ordered without payment. If costumes have to be added after the initial order is placed, there will be an additional $20 charge. Below you will see the payment for costume/recital fee depending on how many classes your student takes. Regardless of the number of classes each student is only charged one recital fee and will receive 3 recital tickets. Costume/recital fee is nonrefundable after November 1.
If your student takes:
1 class - $65.00
2 classes –$ 120.00
3 classes - $175.00

Tuition Payments